Our Club Officers

“I have never met a group of more motivated, positive, and excited entrepreneurs. My confidence in my business has reached new heights this year and it wouldn’t have been possible without my teams guidance and encouragement!”

Emily May

"The Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization is one of the best clubs at CSUC. We offer a support system that encourages member’s business dreams. Our club members get extraordinary advice from our exceptional adviser Professor David Rahn. We are training some of the best and brightest business owners of tomorrow."

Lance Win

Former President

"I had been looking for ways to get connected with school so when one of my favorite teachers asked me to be a president for a entrepreneurship club I couldn't say no. This club has reinforced my love for business, and provided me with a way to network with super talented individuals"

Austin Rode

Former President
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"The Chico CEO is easily one of my favorite college experiences by far. When school went virtual, I had a lot of doubt that my college experience was over but that is far from the truth. I have learned so much and have met so many amazing people"

Maxwell Fitzpatrick

Former VP of Marketing

"Chico CEO is an amazing organization. It has given me a welcoming environment  to sharpen  business skills and attain new ones. The CEO gives students a platform to create and mold  the types of business ready for the professional work world. This club has opened many opportunities  to expand my business and collaborate with like-minded, motivated, determined entrepreneurs. This is a safe place to ask  questions and get answers."

Cherie Higgs



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